(c) 2011 Kris Verlent
ETP-200 V4.0 SCADA Software

Easy & automatic installation.

The installation is done automatically via the plug-and-play principle.  Immediately you have some useable screens at your disposal, like group reproductions, alarm pages, trends, etc… (see pictures).  Thanks to this efficient approach, ETP-200 says no to long developing time and high costs.

Operating system as desired.

ETP-200 operates under all recent operating systems (Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7).  You can upgrade to newer versions and operating systems, without losing existing applications. All upgrades are 100% downwards compatible.You can keep your old application 'as is', make advantage of the new standards screens of ETP V4.0 or do a combination of both.   
Your choice.

Standard screens.

After you installed the ETP software, you immediately have a bunch of standard screens at your disposal.
Based upon the input of over 1000 customers in the past years, these standard screens can give you instantly up to 95% of what you want.
Click here to get a detailed overview of these screens.

Personalised screens.

Besides the 'standard' screens, ETP-200 allows you to create screens of your own or to modify existing screens, according to your needs. Starting from a scanned picture or a synoptic made in your favorite graphical design software, you have a new ETP screen in a few seconds. To this 'background' screen you can add live animations as desired. 
Efficient screens with easy to use menus show you how to get started.
Click here to see how easy it is to make an extra screen yourself.


There are a few optional modules that have been developped to make life easier for you.
These modules contain the neccessary functions & tools to custom build your advanced application.
Available modules are: Math & Logic, Batch, Report Generator, Webserver,   Messenger, SMS, FTP & Advanced Math.
Click here to get a more detailed overview of all modules.

Programmers / Multichannel.

In case you need to visualise Programmer controllers or Multichannel instruments, we developped specific drivers & extra 'standard' screens to collect & visualise this data.
Also data from 3rd party instruments that come with an OPC driver can be easily connected to the system.
Click here to get a more detailed overview of these drivers & extra screens.


Both the Lite and Full Version can be integrated easily in a network.  The PCs equipped with ETP-200 can exchange data.  They can be configured as "master", "slave", or as both.
By using TCP communication 2 or more masters can be connected to the same instrumentation, ensuring a fully redundant system in case one of the PC's fails.
Also the Webserver optional module provides an easy and convenient way to visualise data on different PC's on the network.


The Lite version allows the connection of 30 instruments via a standard communication or USB port (by means of an external convertor in case of RS422 or RS485).

With the Full version you can connect up to 480 instruments on serial or USB ports as well as via Ethernet (Modbus TCP protocol).  Furthermore, you have drivers for programmers and multi-channel instruments at your disposal.  Instruments equipped with the Modbus or Modbus TCP protocol are automatically identified and configured by the system.