(c) 2011 Kris Verlent

¹ 01-04-2011 @ 11:00

A new feature is now standard available for the ETP V4.0 Webserver: Web Charts.
You can now visualise both live and historical data on your local network or over the internet on any PC that has Internet Explorer.
So there is no need to install a licence on every PC.

2010-05-20 @ 12:01

Today we released our first official version of the MSN Messenger option for ETP-200. With this option users (that are authorised) can consult data from the scada system by means of their Messenger account.
With the proper authority even commands can be passed to the scada system.

¹ 2010-04-01 @ 14:01

New from release V4.0 build 2.70 on is that Modbus word declaration can be done in seperate files, allowing to auto-detect instruments of the same type but with a different firmware version.
As Eurotherm often changes the Modbus words, this was a problem in the past.