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ETP-200 Scada Software.

In the industrial field a flawless process is essential.
The answer to your needs is ETP-200, the complete software package,
supervising all the actions and industrial procedures.
ETP-200, an open window on your process; your ideal partner for easy and efficient solution for automation.

Mail2sms - Forward emails to your mobile phone.

Forward your incoming emails to your Mobile phone as an SMS message or send out a bulk mailing to all of your clients/friends by SMS. You can include personalised messages for everyone: e.g. Hi John, ... where John comes from your mailing list. Mail2sms works with an attached GSM with modem possibilities or with VOIP over the internet at very cheap rates.

RevRose - Windrose program for pollution monitoring
Visualises a CSV file as a WindRose. User definable fields for Date & time, Winds speed & Wind direction. Very user friendly.

Instruments - Eurotherm & ERO Electronic

We are official distributor of Eurotherm & ERO Electronic instruments. Do not hesitate to contact us for technical support, sales and repairs.


01-04-2011 @ 11:00

A new feature is now standard available for the ETP V4.0 Webserver:
Web Charts.
You can now visualise both live and historical data on your local network or over the internet on any PC that has Internet Explorer.
So there is no need to install a licence on every PC.

For more info click here.

20-05-2010 @ 12:01

Today we released our first official version of the MSN Messenger option for ETP-200. With this option users (that are authorised) can consult data from the scada system by means of their Messenger account.
With the proper authority even commands can be passed to the scada system.

For more info click here.
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